CranioSacral Therapy Benefits

The benefits of CST are not restricted to people who are ill or who have any particular symptoms, but as the therapy frees the energy which the body previously used to maintain tissue contractions an increased level of energy is made available. The alleviation of life’s stresses and the increased sense of vitality and wellbeing that CST can bring are welcome to most people at any time.

The following is a list of some conditions which may respond favourably to CST.

Allergies Arthritis
Asthma Autism
Back Pain Birth Trauma
Breathing Problems Bronchitis
Cerebral Palsy Chronic Fatigue
Colic Depression
Digestive Problems Drug Withdrawal
Dyslexia Emotional Problems
Exhaustion Frozen Shoulder
Headaches & Migraine Hormonal Imbalances
Hyperactivity Hypo Activity
Impotence Infertility
Post Natal Depression Muscular Aches & Sprains
ME – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Menstrual Pain
Learning Difficulties Nervous Disorders
Post Dental Trauma Rheumatism
ADD / ADHD Sciatica
Sinusitis Spinal Curvatures
Stress Related Conditions Stroke
TMJ / Jaw Disorders Trigeminal Neuralgia
Visual Disturbances